Power slide in a borrowed car.

February 2, 2010

I borrowed a friend’s car today and had a chance to test my high performance driving skills; power slides, drifts and two-footed one-eighties. You know, Fast and Furious things that I would never do with my car.

Sorry Kim, just kidding.

When I borrow something, whether it is a car or a pencil, I treat it better than I treat my own stuff. I would never chew on a borrowed pencil, and never power slide in a borrowed car. (Actually, since truly understanding the value of a dollar, I haven’t done a power slide in my own car either, but that’s another story.)

This whole Stewardship thing gets me thinking…I mean, everything I have, I have been given, so am I being a good steward? My talents, my resources, my friendships, everything is a gift. So shouldn’t I be taking better care of them, just in case the owner wants them back? Shouldn’t I work harder at making the most of every day?

I just start to get my head wrapped around that concept, try to think more like a steward and less like a consumer, then I remember that we are all …

living on borrowed time…


2 Responses to “Power slide in a borrowed car.”

  1. Kim said

    you don’t do that with your own car cause it would fall apart if you did … i’ll have ro come pick u up and u can go sliding in my car … he does it all the time and he’s a pro at it … good times!

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