Cracks in the foundation

January 30, 2010

I was looking at a house the other day, examining it as a possible investment property. We went to the basement and saw these wonderful horizontal cracks running along the foundation walls; at least one major crack in every wall. They were not small fissures, they ran in some cases almost the full length of the wall, and there were two and three cracks in each wall.

So we had to decide; do we invest thousands in foundation repair, or do we walk away? The decision was easy, there are a lot more houses out there to look at.

There are a lot of churches, a lot of relationships, and a lot of marriages with serious cracks in their foundations. And the decision is a lot more difficult.
With a house that we had no vested interest in, walking away was easy. If it had been a house that we had purchased, or built, it would have been a much tougher call.

You are not doing life with monopoly money and you have invested much more into your marriage, your church, and your key relationships.

With permanent edifices like a church or a marriage it is always worth the investment to try and repair the cracks, no matter how deep. It is worth it.

Sin has to be identified, and using biblical principals, dealt with. Confession and repentance both play a key role in repairing foundation cracks. Without both, permanent structural damage,and possibly complete ruin, is inevitable.

Sometimes it’s not sin, it’s just laziness.

Oh I forgot, laziness is a sin in a marriage or a church.

If you are the cause, confess and ask for forgiveness. If you are the victim, pray for eyes to be opened to the truth, and speak the truth in love.

If you are an innocent bystander-no wait-there are no bystanders in a marriage or a church- you have to be involved in either the problem or the solution.

We could have bought the house and a bunch of Spackle, covered up the cracks as if they were just a bunch of pimples, and then sold the house to an unsuspecting victim. We could have moved the furnace and hot water heater upstairs and filled the basement with sand. It would stop the cracking, but destroy much of the usefulness of the house.

The results in a church or a home are the same when you try to cover up. Infection; disaster; destruction.

If you are part of a marriage, a relationship or a church that is suffering structural damage you have some tough decisions to make. Do you stay and fight for it? This usually means that you will end up fighting with it and much as for it. Do you just walk (or run) away? God rarely gives us this option. He usually asks for us to bleed for the things he considers permanent. And when he asks us to bleed it is worth the effort.

Sometimes we are the victims; sometimes pieces of broken foundations fall on us as we are trying to help. That is a price we must be willing to pay for things that are intended to last till death.

So if you see a crack, put down your caulking gun. Put your running shoes back in the closet. Get on your knees; then get back up and do the work God has called you to do. Repair the damage.


One Response to “Cracks in the foundation”

  1. a cracked pot said

    i bleed, i plead, i should have read this before i went to bed last night, should have accepted the invitation to come play games, 1 step forward 3 steps back, my eyes are red, but it should be my knees.

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