It really won’t matter

January 29, 2010

My sister lived at home for the first four years of her life. After that she spent the close to thirty-five years living in state mental institutions. Now days she lives in heaven, where all the questions she was never able to ask have been answered.

She has been gone for fifteen years, so I don’t know why that thought crossed my mind this morning. Except that I sometimes have questions I would like to ask God. Some I ask now and get answers right away. Sometimes the answers come in time. Some have not yet been answered.

But I still ask.

I get the funny feeling that one day I will be able to ask anything I want, but it really wont matter. Knowing that it won’t matter then helps me put the questions in the proper perspective today. If it matters, God will always, always, always let me know when I need to know. If it doesn’t matter, he won’t. Maybe the answer is not part of my story, maybe it’s part of yours, maybe nobody’s.

So when I don’t get answers I don’t get discouraged. (Well, maybe sometimes a little. Well maybe, sometimes a lot!) But discouraged or not, I know that if I need to know I will. If I don’t know, maybe it’s because it really doesn’t matter.

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