Dream big dreams

January 27, 2010

“How do you spell hypothermia?” There is a great ten-year-old at my kitchen table doing a creative writing assignment for school. He’s got a great mind; intelligent and creative. He will go far with that mind coupled with a terrific personality-everybody likes him. Once a week I have the pleasure of pushing him a bit harder to write and spell and read and add and subtract and multiply and divide. It’s a labor of love for me. For him, sometimes it’s just labor.

I hope he falls in love with learning before he falls in love with girls. He is so bright and imaginative, he always has something fun to talk about. He will go far.

I also hope he falls in love with God’s Word. With his creative mind he would be a great preacher; if not a preacher he would be a terrific persuader.

One of my favorite songs has this line: “We’ll be the dreamers of Your dreams.” That is my prayer for this young man-that he dreams God’s dreams. If that happens it won’t matter if he is a preacher or a persuader or a poet or a plumber…he will succeed at what ever he does.


2 Responses to “Dream big dreams”

  1. parent of 10 yr old said

    Everbody likes him but Taylor. So was that picture of Taylor taken before, during or after my 10 year old son was there? I have never seen Taylor so relaxed … and thanks for loving on my son.

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