Pay attention to me God!

January 26, 2010

There are times in our life when we want to crawl into the lap of God. I know we can, “boldly enter the throne room of Grace.” I know that. But there are times when, in broad daylight, with Wagner playing at full volume and and a pump-action- twelve-gauge in my hands, I can’t even go boldly into the kitchen.

There are times when I want to hear the voice of God even it it means I have lost my mind. There are times I want to shout out, “What is going on here anyway?” And there are times that I do. And I get no reply. The darkness speaks silently, soundlessly.

It is during those times (these times) that I must remember. And if He gives me nothing else he gives me reminders of who I am and to whom I belong, which bring me hope. When I feel the least likely to be noticed is when he has all necessary resources working on my behalf. It is when I want to shout, “Pay attention to me God!” that he whispers,

“I already am.”


2 Responses to “Pay attention to me God!”

  1. Rebecca Kirby said

    Thanks for your blogs Tim. We are going through deep dark times but I believe in his silence … If we really listen … We can hear the potters wheel humming. I believe He prefers to work in silence when crafting the broken warriors back together. We are too important to be His work … He’s healing us by showering the Holy Spirits water over oir hardened clay and molding us!

    • tjmiller said

      Sometimes I fear, in the dark hours, that turn into dark days, that the Potter will want to start again and throw the pot down, smash it, then soak it and star all over. But when I think like that I am not describing the God I know, I am describing the god of unbelief, the god of those who choose to ignore the God I Know. The great I AM care for me more than I care for myself, and although I am feeling dried out, I know that I am still malleable and still being made into something He considers useful.

      Sometime what I know is better than what I see, but that does not make it less true

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