The Playoffs

January 21, 2010

I would like everyone who is reading this and will also be playing in the NFL playoffs this weekend to write to me and let me know……

OK, just as I thought. I have no professional football player reading this blog. At least none that are in the playoffs.

OK, now just those of you who are betting on this weekends games. Oh, never mind, I really don’t want to know. Let me just talk to the rest of you, the sane ones.

These football games should be fun, they might be exciting and they might even be close. But they will not cause me to loose one minute of sleep. Any televised sporting event is an imitation of life for everyone who is not actually participating. And that is alright. Monday Night Football is probably better on every level than The Bachelor Watching sports is in many ways better than watching most everything else on television. But it is still spectating and not participating.

For the last several months I have spent more time at home than any time in my entire life, and the television has been off most of the time. And I haven’t missed much, probably nothing at all.

So is television evil? No. Well some of it is. But by it’s nature television is neutral. We make it good or evil by what we choose to watch and what we then choose to do with what we have watched. For the most part, the good or evil happens in our minds.

But there are so many better alternatives to letting someone else decide what happens to and in our brains.

For years I have been a part of a nationwide group of people who regularly remind children to “make the wise choice.” As adults this is even more important, because we have less time to correct our mistakes.

So watch the games this weekend. Or better yet gather your kids or your friends and play a game instead. Do anything but make your television the center of your life. The real playoffs are not happening in New Orleans and Indianapolis. They are happening in your home, and the stakes are much higher than a few bucks and a big ring. Your family is at steak, so get in the game.


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