Tell me what you think. Really!

January 15, 2010


Well I’ve done it.  In the last few days I have given a copy of my first book to several people to critique. Scary.  But before I send it to a publisher I really need to know if it is any good.  It has been wandering around the nether regions of my mind for close to twenty years, in one form or another. I no longer know if it is worth reading, I am too familiar with it. So now after innumerable drafts, I have put it into a somewhat readable form and asked several people, both adults and kids, to give me an honest appraisal.  This may be the end of The Last Dragon in Michigan, or it may be the beginning.  It may be time to throw it out, to start over, or to start on the sequel.  And yes it depends a great deal more what others think of it than what I do.

This is an interesting place to be.  Sometimes I think I also need a life editor as well:  “Can you leave that part out please and could you make that relationship more peaceful, and that one more exciting?” 

“I don’t think you should do that son.”  were the only words I know for sure were spoken out loud by my guardian angel.  And boy did he help me that day. But I know that if I listened, I could get all kinds of advice from well meaning friends.

So, to a few good friends, I have entrusted a copy of my manuscript.  I really, really hope they like it.  I hope they laugh at the right parts, and cheer at the right parts and stop and think at the right parts.   But more important I hope they give sincere, meaningful, useful feedback.  I hope they are honest, even painfully so if need be, so that The Last Dragon can take flight; or if need be, to climb back into his cave behind the waterfall somewhere north of Traverse City.

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