The fastest mouse in all of Mexico

January 7, 2010

I was watching a Speedy Gonzales cartoon the other day (for research purposes, of course). It was the very first Speedy (MCMLV) and it was every bit as funny as I remember it from my youth. But there were some things present that would, in today’s climate, best be described as politically incorrect.

A welded wire border fence with starving Mexicans (mice) in big hats on one side, and an unthinking, uncaring Acme Cheese Factory on the American side of the fence. Almost every Mexican stereotype imaginable. Clothes, accents, lifestyle everything poked fun at Hispanics.

There was violence, even death in this cartoon, and perhaps worst of all land mines.

And I enjoyed every minute of it. I must admit growing up I never asked any of my Hispanic friends what they thought of Speedy, I just laughed. I didn’t think less of Mexico or its people. I just laughed. That would label me insensitive and bigoted, no doubt.

And I am…I really don’t care how many cartoon characters get blown to smithereenies.

That’s all folks.


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