Was it a winning season for you?

January 3, 2010

I think it is significant to note that everyone on the winning Super Bowl team will get a ring.  Even the player who never played a single down all season.  He showed up for practice, ran the drills, but never got on the field once.  He was a contributor, so he deserves a ring.

Spectators, however, do not get a ring, except for the one left on the coffee table because someone forgot to use a coaster.  Watching sports on television does not qualify for participation.  Jumping up when your team scores does not count as exercise.   Paying way too much for a team jersey does not count as earning the uniform.

Then there is the contests that really matter.  These contests are not games, they are battles for the hearts, minds and souls of our neighbors, our families, our friends.

Are you a spectator or a player where it really counts?  Do you get in the game of changing the world or are you content to watch from the comfort of an aptly named Lazy Boy.  Or are you so engrossed in the pretend battles on a field nicely marked off with white paint, that you never notice the real battle for the lives and souls of your neighbors.  There are no convenient lines of demarcation, it’s not always easy to choose sides, and if you and I don’t get in the game, there might be no winner.  Everyone looses, when Grace is not shared with hands and feet, when Truth is not spoken with love and involvement, when Justice is not defended and demanded with as much energy and passion as the home town crowd on Sunday afternoon.

Was it a winning season for you this year?  How about for the guy next door?


One Response to “Was it a winning season for you?”

  1. Kim said

    I sent you that You Tube video before I read your last 3 entries on your blog … its about justice and getting in the game … “here am I, send me” … God chooses to use people to answer some of the deepest questions of our hearts … I thought that maybe it was not a winning season for me … but now I know, it was a season that I’d never experienced before … and any season I go through and come out the other side with friendships more solid than when it started, I realize He is building fortitude into us, and this season has been a winning season because there is strength that was not there before, strength in holding onto one another as we press on in serving our Lord together.

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