Silver (and gold) linings

December 30, 2009

One nice thing about living where we do is that the weather is constantly changing. Living this close to a large body of water there are almost always cool cloud formations lurking about. There are very few clear, cloudless days. And although I like blue, especially sky blue, the interruption of all that blue with a bit of whit or gray is rather nice. And sunsets are always more spectacular with a few clouds around.

So as I have been looking at clouds lately, I’ve been thinking of the silver linings a bit. So in no particular order, here are just a few.

My faith is not theoretical.

My friends are true friends and not fair-weather friends.

I have spent more time with those I love than any season in my life.

I have been prayed for more than any time in my life.

I have been told, “I love you. ” by more people than I can count.

I have learned how to receive.

I have spent more time out doors than I have in years.

I have developed empathy for the unemployed.

I have discovered new gifts and abilities.

I have had more time to write, think, and pray then ever.

I am still working alongside my best friend and wife.

This is just the start of something new and bigger than ever. I can’t imagine it being better, but God has a bigger imagination than I.


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