You are being watched.

December 27, 2009

When I was a kid I sometimes watched as my dad worked on his cars.
He used simple tools; a pair of vice grips, a screw driver and a hammer. Sometimes he sent me for his saw.

My dad didn’t teach me how to fix cars. He didn’t know how to. Car repair was almost always an emergency and an experiment for him. He never said things like “The flux capacitor is shot so were going to have to transmogrify the thing. My dad mostly just said things I can’t repeat in polite company. I didn’t learn about cars from my dad because he didn’t have anything to teach.

What I did learn from my dad is you go to church every week. And while “choosing to follow Christ” wasn’t part of his vocabulary, I learned about God and about church, so when God called my name, it was a familiar voice I heard. And I chose to follow Christ.

Are your children learning to recognize the voice of God in your home? What are your children learning from you? You can’s say, “nothing” because even if you aren’t actively teaching them, they are watching and listening all the time, so they are learning from you.

So what are you teaching? Is it worth learning? Will your child be able to take their ability with a scroll saw, or a jackhammer or a pc or a paint brush or a football with them into eternity?

Will they be able to take it into life?

You are being watched. Make it count.


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