It’s not over.

December 26, 2009

Before 8 Am this morning the radio stations had all switched back to their previous style of music. Christmas is over at the radio stations. There are after-Christmas sales at all the stores, so they are very busy. If not for this business, their decorations would be down to make room for Valentines. Christmas is over at Wal Mart and Target. Most churches even get back to business-as-usual in the next few days.

But it’s not over.

We had a great gathering of friends on Christmas Eve eve. and on Christmas Eve we had a fun joyful get-together with another group of good friends, and then attended a truly worshipful Midnight Mass. (Yes we chose to go to Mass!) And on Christmas Day I spoke with my mom on the phone and then had another great time with great friends and their family.

But it’s not over.

There are two (at least) reasons it’s not over for me. First, the December 25th commemoration is, for Christ Followers, just a day to celebrate our Forever Event; and it serves as a great reminder for the rest of the world of the Incarnation. The Great Reaching Out, the Intervention continues, so we must continue to celebrate.

Second, while we have had lots of reason to gather with friends, the friendships did not end on the 25th. We will continue to make excuses to get together because we enjoy being with our good, good friends. And our friendship is a reminder of the Redemption.

So it’s not over.

In fact, we will keep our trees up long after it is acceptable to do so, and we will keep Christmas music on far longer than most, because we want to celebrate for as long as we can. So we will.

It’s not over, it’s just beginning.


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