Twitter vs. Tatra

December 3, 2009

I got a nice card in the mail from my mother. She also included a newsletter from her social network- The First Catholic Slovak Union-they were celebrating the 100th anniversary of their their network site- Tatra Hall.

Included was a list of the founding families; twenty-five names of the first families in the FCSU. What struck me was that I could readily identify at least seventeen of the family names, meaning my parents had remained friends with their parents friends. And no doubt my mom and dad knew all twenty-five families. After one hundred years my parents social network is still intact!

With Facebook I am just starting to reconnect with some of my friends from my early twenties, I think there is one name from my high school. May parents have kept their friendships alive for one hundred years!!! I feel fortunate that I have a few (a very few) friendships that have lasted thirty years.

No my parents are not a hundred years old, dad is eighty and mom is seventy- five. But they have maintained these relationships thier entire lives and the connections go back farther than that. This astounds me on so many leveles.

If Facebook, and Twitter, and Myspace and the next new network that crops up are able to keep people connected across the miles, the FCSU has been able to do it across the centuries. And these people really care for one another; they don’t need to pass around digital images of their pets defecating (but they do send newspaper clippings, remember those?) they don’t lol or omg but they do show up to serve a meal to a widow, and my dad helped re-roof his church when he was way past retirement age.

So while I hope that Facebook, and perhaps even this blog site will help me stay connected, I can learn a lot from my parents very low-tech but highly effective Social network.

Love one another!


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