Little Toot

November 29, 2009

No I’m not talking about silent flatulence; I’m talking about a misbehaving tug boat. Little Toot was a song I learned when I was three or four, we played it with a record player that actually had a sewing needle for a needle. I remember sitting on the cold floor of our bedroom and playing Little Toot, and Your A Grand Old Flag over and over again. I still remember the words, and it’s been close to fifty years since I heard those songs.

Songs have staying power which is why you should be picky about what you listen to. For some reason I listened to the chapstick song on Youtube recently and the dumb ditty is still swirling vacuously around in my head.

Little Toot was a pretty innocuous song about a lazy tug boat that finally stepped up and saved the day, and Your a Grand Old Flag is pretty patriotic, but think about this for a moment: while I was listening to those harmless and possibility educational songs, Diane was sitting on her bedroom floor listening to a message about God’s love, and at age three she became a Christian, something she also still remembers almost, ahem, twenty six years after hearing it.

Words and music together make for a powerful memory making team. Use good music to teach and instill positive, godly values to yourself and your children. You won’t soon forget the lessons you hear.


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