God in the dust and dirt of life

November 17, 2009

We are cleaning our basement; really, really cleaning it. As if we we are getting ready to move or something. We may use the basement for something other than just storage for a while.

There are boxes that we haven’t opened since we moved from Michigan- in 1995. There are cassette tapes for crying out loud; LPs!

Oh, and did I mention dust? And cobwebs, because we haven’t been able to reach some parts of the basement. And we found one more thing. Memories, lots and lots of memories.

Looking at shadows of things past we were reminded over and over of the way God has moved in our lives. The influences of godly parents, friends and family that have left the fingerprints of God all over our dusty belongings. God was there in the dust of our basement.

More cleaning, this time outside. I love hearing the Canada Geese as they prepare to head for open water the moment God says, “Go!” I wish I could trust so much and obey so quickly. God in the air around me.

Raking leaves from around our Sedum, I noticed that the new buds and sprouts are already forming for next years growth. Thees tender shoots will soon be buried under snow and dirt that is frozen solid. Yet the plants survive, no they thrive by doing what they were made to do. By struggling through the winter they grow stronger and are more beautiful in the summer. God in the dirt.

When I see God in the dust and dirt of life I am more willing to get dusty and dirty. To hopefully leave a legacy of love and obedience; to go when he says go; to trust in the frozen winters of life, and hope for growth through hard ground and the chill; and to live in such a way as to attract other to God the way my garden attracts bees in summer.


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