November 11, 2009

When the first hardcover novel listed for more than $25.00, the press was in an uproar. “Does this spell the end for the hardback novel?” “Will people pay this much for popular fiction?” “Will the end ever be in sight?” I think it was a Micheal Chrichton novel, but I’m not positive.

Then supply and demand gave way; discount retailers sold (and still sell) way below that price. Bookstores, and book clubs rarely sell anything at “retail” and now almost every new novel comes out with a suggested retail above $25.00.

Now Wal Mart and a couple of other stores are selling new novels for under $10.00. They are loosing money on every book they sell, but I think they know what they are doing. People are now thinking of Wal Mart instead of Borders when they hear their favorite author (Dean Koontz) is releasing a new book. So Wal Mart gets the customer in the store and they sell them some toothpaste. Or, more likely, they are already there for something else and remember to pick up a book, they see one they missed and buy it in paperback, and instantly the loss on the hardback is made up for in the sale of the paperback.

John Grishim thinks this is an insidious plot to destroy the book industry. Along with Kindle, with prices like this the end must be near. He actually went so far as to say he thought lower prices on books was a bad thing!

GIVE ME A BREAK!! Its capitalism working as it should. Here is another example. John Grisham used to be one of my favorite authors. But in the last several books he wrote, he had to insert one of his left-wing diatribes, whether it fit with the plot or not. He has every right in the world to do this, but I also have the right to not buy his book and therefore not to pay his salary. That’s capitalism at work.

Some of you are surely thinking, “yea but what about your right-wing diatribes?” Well, capitalism at work again; when I start making millions on my writing, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it. And since there are only three of you still reading, it doesn’t really matter does it?

What it comes down to is the consumer will pay what they think something is worth, and the seller will sell for what he thinks he can get, and that is a pretty good system.


One Response to “Capitalism”

  1. rick zydel said

    now there is four readers.

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