Something So Soft

October 28, 2009

My cat Taylor loves to have his chin scratched. No. not there, a little to the left, that it, aaaahhhhh.

His chin is so soft.

And yet, if you were to come visit and look at the lamp shade in our family room, if you were not the polite type, you might ask, “What in the world happened to your lamp shade?”

You see, every day Taylor hops onto the end table and rubs his soft little cat chin on the lamp shade. And with time,he has completely ruined the shade. We will replace it someday, but not until we have figured out why he does this.

How does that soft little chin do so much damage? Slowly, and just a small imperceptible bit at a time.

We loose our liberties the same way, a small almost unnoticeable piece at a time. The current administration is making a mistake by trying to remove large chunks of our liberty with disastrous health care reform, and we are noticing, so maybe this time we can stop it. But usually it’s just a bit at a time.

We slide into sin the same manner. Most people don’t dive into degeneracy, they slip into it; a small compromise here, a wink and a nod there, and gradually we become who we detest.

So the next time you think a little sin, a little compromise a little loss of freedom won’t hurt too badly, think about Taylor’s soft little chin.



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