Sam at the supermarket

October 26, 2009

When I left my ministry position and said my goodbyes a few months ago, I reminded the kids that Base Camp was still going to be fun, because they were still there and because God was going to find just the right person to take over for me. This person would be different from me and Base Camp would be different, but it would still be a great place to be on the weekend. God is God, I reminded them, and one last time as a group we said, “I can trust God no matter what!”

“No matter what?” I asked a bit tearfully. “No matter what!” came the tearful reply.

Well I ran into my friend Sam at the supermarket the other day. I have several Sam friends, but this Sam is one of my favorites. Sam’s in the third grade. And the first thing he said was, “I love Base Camp!” He then proceeded to tell me about all the fun things he was doing on Sunday morning. It was his favorite day of the week, and he can’t wait to slime Pastor Chris.

Things are different. Sometimes different can be good. but kids still love Base Camp. And God still shows up.

You know, you really can trust God no matter what!

See you again soon, Sam.

Keep up the good work Pastor Chris.

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