Weaving a web in the wind

October 21, 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for spiders.

Don’t get me wrong, I scream like a girl if one drops down in front of my face when I’m driving. But think of all the work in making a web, so often for nothing. Or, really they do all that work just to get bugged. Their work is so temporary.

We were driving through the country one misty morning and passed a field with a hundred webs, each covered with frozen fog. The morning sun was just rising and the webs glistened like jewels. I don’t know why we didn’t stop and take pictures.

These miniature masterpieces would only last a few hours before they would disappear and have to be rebuilt if the spider hoped for another meal.

Sometimes ministry feels like weaving a web in the wind, doesn’t it? We create a work of art in hopes that we might catch a few flies. (or kids or converts) But our efforts often only last a moment. Sometimes they are destroyed by the winds of change, sometime by the whims of others. Often our masterpieces are taken apart by exuberant leaders with apparently no more malice (nor thought) than a child running through a field with a stick. It seems so haphazard, so intentionally accidental. (That’s a phrase I coined to describe they way children are often destructive without really trying to be; they are just running around having fun without thinking of the consequences.)

So why weave the web. For spiders it is they way they were made. God designed them to weave whether the wind whips they about or not. It’s the only way they will eat, and is some cases attract another spider.

I guess, on a somewhat, but not much deeper level so do I. I weave my webs because that is what I have been created to do. That is what brings meaning and purpose to my life. I may attract one fly for one meal, or I may get a swarm. Along the way others of my species may also come by to see what is up, and we will weave webs together for a season. And multiply our effectiveness for our joined efforts. My webs will all eventually be swept away in a moment, but that is not my concern. My Maker has asked me to weave regardless of the outcome. The outcome is in his hands as much as my web-weaving talents are. I will weave.

And love it.



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