Random surprises

October 16, 2009

Today (October 16th) I was surprised by God in the following ways:

• Waking up with snow on the ground. Cold but pretty.
• A phone call from a dear friend. Warm and wonderful.
• A box of meat. Protein and prayers.
• An Emu standing in the van in front of me. Adjectives fail me.
• A check from another dear friend. Now they really fail me.
• A heartfelt e-mail prayer from a total stranger. Hebrews 13:2
• Fall colors everywhere I look. Like I need another reminder of God’s love.
• Another box of meat. I sense a conspiracy of love.
• An envelope full of cash. OK, what’s going on here?
• A dear, dear friend who is also a sneak.
• Did I mention an Emu in a van?



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