September 27, 2009

There is a story in the Old Testament that fascinates me in it’s ability to reflect so much of my own human nature. It’s in the Book of Numbers. Moses is leading the Israelites through the desert toward the land that God had promised to them. God had promised and he always keep his promises. The travelers knew that he always kept his promises, and they knew this land was to be theirs.

Moses sends out 12 spies to see what the land is like; they come back with a cluster of grapes so big that it takes two men to carry it! The land has everything they need, and it has been promised to them!

So what do they say as a way or a report. Essentially they said that it was everything God said it would be. There was just one problem. Small self. The Bible says they looked at the land and it’s inhabitants and reported, “We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” (Numbers 13:33)

So many times, perhaps even most of the time, the reason we fear is not because of the giants we face but because of the way we perceive ourselves. It’s not because we don’t believe God, it’s that we don’t believe ourselves.

God has told us to “fear not” “be not afraid” or similar admonitions in just about every book in the Bible. And if we read it (and believe it) we have all the evidence we need to live a life without fear. I don’t mean being free from being startled, we need that emotion. Be we should be able to face any obstacle knowing the the Lord God Almighty is on our side.

Instead of looking to God we look to our own resources and we see grasshoppers.

When we feel small, insignificant we need to put on the mind of Christ,(I Corinthian 2:16) clothe ourselves in the armor of God (Ephesian 6) and stand.

So here is the big solution to grasshopper thinking. Stand. That’s it, stand. If we wont believe God, and we won’t believe the Bible, try empirical evidence, and stand. When we stand, the first thing we will notice is that our knees are not higher than our heads, so therefore we cannot be grasshoppers. Logic will win out when emotions fail.

How that for plumbing theological depths?DSCN2514


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