totally irresponsible

September 8, 2009

One of the most common pleas we will hear from our children is, “Everybody else is doing it.”  Or, “everyone else has one.”

I am not responsible for how your friends parents raise their children. I am responsible for making sure you comply with the rules and values of this house. I will try to make you understand why we make the choices we do, (Because we always want to make the wise choice) and eventually you will have a decision to make: will I live by the code of conduct my parents taught me, will I live by the code of conduct of my friends, or will I choose another path altogether.  We hope you make the wise choice. DSCN2267

What to wear.  How to treat others.  What to watch.  How to speak.  How to work or study.  How to spend (and give) your resources.  These and other things are what define who you are.  We are trying to write a good, honorable, wise, godly definition.

So we will try to help you stay relevant and cool to your peers, but we would rather you lead than follow.  And we will try not to let the culture define you.

You are so much better than that.


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