Still irresponsible

August 31, 2009

Remind you child from time to time that: I am not responsible for your happiness

I am responsible for your safety and well being.  Therefore I may say “no” to something that would be fun now but harmful in the long run.  So I may say no to sweets sometimes, maybe most of the time.  I will say no to movies and television programs that are not good for your heart, your mind, your soul and your strength.

I only want what is best for you and that means saying no sometimes.  I would like it if you were happy, but some forms of happiness are not good for you.  I would rather you be healthy, I would rather you be joyful, I would rather you be wise.  So don’t expect me to do things or give you things just because they might bring temporary happiness.

I love you too much to make you happy.DSCN2266


One Response to “Still irresponsible”

  1. Sue Bell said

    Amen! If more parents took this approach our children would be a lot better off.

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