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August 22, 2009


Selfish kids don’t happen by accident, neither do generous kids.  Yes I know sometimes one grows up right alongside the other, but most of the time, “Parents who spoil their children and do not teach them about the value of money and property will raise them to be greedy and confused.” (page 272)

On the other hand, “If we want to help our children’s financial future, a good first step is teaching our children how to handle money, rather than allowing their money to handle them. (Page 273)

It amazes me (I’m not sure why) to see the contrast in kids.  I have seen some  kids in church who are constantly talking about their newest possessions, even as they child next to them puts their entire savings into an offering for Zambian orphans.

At church we can talk about giving and stewardship every week, but if it is not taught at home we are just making noise.  But when mom and dad are generous and giving, not owned by their possessions, they kids get  it every single time.

So what is it we want to teach our kids?  “When it comes down to it, the overall solution is actually very simple-live withing your means, save and plan for the future, and be generous to others.”  (page 273)

Many of us have heard this complaint about church- all they talk about is money.  It may be somewhat true, after love, money is the subject most talked about in the Bible.  The Bible talks about it because God knows that we need constant reminders, and so do out kids, that good stewardship blesses and poor stewardship curses.  An since we have a choice, shouldn’t we make the wise choice, and help our kids enjoy the benefits of good stewardship?

30Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, 2009, Rebecca Hagelin, Regenery Press


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