the conversations you must have

August 8, 2009

Chapter 22 is the one we have all been waiting for.  Well maybe not, but it does cover the one topic most parents have the most questions about.  Rebecca Hagelin suggests 10 “simple” steps on page 213.  If we start early enough, and have open loving relationships with our kids, these steps should not be difficult.  But they are necessary.01-05-09 085

  • Have frequent discussions and give gentle reminders to your children about how sex was created by God for marriage
  • Nurture a culture of openness in your home where they can feel comfortable coming to you with questions about their developing sexuality
  • Filter out any publications or media that treat women like sex objects or glorify promisquity
  • Go through an age-appropriate program on abstinence education with your pre-teen and/or teenager
  • Encourage group activities versus couples dating

30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family 2009, Rebecca Hagelin, Regenery Press


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