Which way do we go?

July 27, 2009

I’m reading a book by Andy Stanley, The Principle of the Path. (2008, Thomas Nelson)  Diane wonders why he needs to write a whole book about something that is so simple everyone should “get it” with just one sentence, “Direction determines destination” (page 33) The path you are on will take to to where it leads. 

Simple stuff.  Simple to read.

I want to give you just on other thought from this book.  (Page 57)

“Our problem rarely stems from a lack of information or insight.  It’s something else.  Something we don’t outgrow.  Something that another academic degree won’t resolve.  Our problem stems from the fact that we are not on a truth quest.  That is, we don’t wake up every morning with a burning desire to know what’s true, what’s right, what’s honorable.  We are on a happiness quest.  We want to be-as in feel-happy.  And our quest for happiness often trumps our appreciation for and pursuit of what’s true.”



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