Celebrating Anna

July 23, 2009

We are celebrating Anna today.  Her birthday was yesterday but we are celebrating her today.  And there is a lot to celebrate.

If you know Anna you know what I mean, if you don’t I am sorry for your loss.

Anna will have her heart broken a thousand times as she grow up, even as she is breaking hearts along the way. But the things that will break Anna’s heart will not be boys; (well not too often) but rather the things that break God’s heart will break Anna’s.  She is a Micah 6:8 person if there ever is one.  Even since childhood she has spoken for those without a voice, she has acted on behalf of those unable to act, and she has prayed for justice.

Rarely does one see courage, character and compassion is an adult, yet alone a teen.  Anna displays these attributes with grace beyond her youth.

I don’t pray that Anna’s heart will be spared, because it would have to grow cold for that to happen, and she will be a blessing as long as her heart stays warm.  I don’t wish Anna a happy birthday, because happiness is fleeting, but I wish her a joyful birthday.


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