Traffic lights and guard rails

July 13, 2009

Have you ever noticed how municipalities wait to put traffic lights up at dangerous intersections until after several fatalities?  Once the light is up the intersection is much safer, even thought traffic is traveling faster than before.  Or have you noticed that traffic flows much faster on dangerous, steep shouldered  sections of road when there are guard rails up than it does on less dangerous sections with out guardrails?   We just tend to move better when there are guard rails in place.  Life is like that.

Chapter eight in 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family deals with that, sort of.  Know the Difference between you principles and your preferences, (page 77) This little chapter with a long title says a lot in a short space.  Principles are the foundation upon which you stand...Principles are the beliefs on which you will not compromise – no matter what. Preferences on the other hand are things you can (and should) give up if the cost of having ghem is greater than the cost of setting them aside. (page 77-78)

Preferences are things we like, but we won’t die for, principles were things we should be willing to; things for which we would fight.  We should be willing to loose friendships over our principles.  Of course if we mean that then our principles should not be trivial matters; they should deal with honesty, integrity, right and wrong. (remember right and wrong?)  There are something which we will not do no matter what, and there are things we must do no matter what.

Can you clearly state your principles?  Can your children see them in your life?  Have you spoken to your children and helped them establish their principles, their guard rails and traffic lights?  Your child’s character depends on it; their character, who they are and what they are know for, depends on it.  Help them distinguish the difference between their principle and their preferences and you will help them travel through life not only more safely, but more joyfully.  And even more important they will travel more purposefully.

30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, 2009, Rebecca Hagelin, Regenery Press


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