June 24, 2009

To further help my resolve to press on without looking behind, I did a short study of God our Defender.  I expected to find verses like Psalm 33:20 We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and shield. (NIV)  My friend Tracy mentioned Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength and shield; my heart trusts in him and I am helped. I was encouraged and calmed by passages like these.

Then I came across something I haven’t read for a while, or at least hadn’t given it any attention.  Also found in Psalms:   O my Strength, I watch for you; you O God are my fortress, my loving God.  God will go before me and let me gloat over those who slander me. (59:9,10, NIV)

What was that!  God will let me gloat over those who slander me?  That wasn’t what I was looking for and it wasn’t what I expected.  It doesn’t seem like gloating is something that is part of a growing Christian character.

But who am I to argue with God

Actually John Wesley and a few other commentators were inclined to think this passage has more to do with God’s timeliness; we won’t have to wait forever to see God’s victory in our lives.  Wesley said, “Thou will help me sooner than I expect.”  In other words, perhaps he is saying we won’t have to wait long to be delivered.  I have no desire to gloat, but I will gladly see God’s deliverance sooner rather than later.

So I will trust in the LORD my God, and I’ll try not to gloat when He delivers me.


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