Save Your Family

May 7, 2009

I’m reading a terrific new book by Rebecca Hagelin; 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family. My first thought was, this title is a bit daunting.  Please give me just 3 ways and I might be able to do it; but 30 ways?  No way!

But I started the book, and there are some great ideas here.  I don’t know if most people will think they can do 30 things, but everything is doable.  It will take work, but families do, don’t they?  And when we think about the consequences of not doing something, well, it’s a bit frightening.

So I’m going so share some insights I recieve from the book as I read it, and hope it makes you think, and maybe even get your own copy of the book..

From the Introduction I knew this was going to be a challenging read.

“When a parent isn’t consistent, their ‘rules’ don’t appear to have any meaning behind them…And we can’t ‘bend the rules’ for some people when there is a value of principle  at stake.”  (Introduction, page 4)

Consistency and principles. If our family ‘constitution’ contains these two elements we will be far and away ahead of most families, and also have fewer heated discussions with our children as they grow older.

When we have a rule that is not bendable and is equally enforced the cry “that’s not fair!” will rarely be heard.  And when rules are based on principle and not convenience, we not only have a firm foundation for saying yes or no, we are also helping our children base thier decesion on wisdom and not emotion.

Be tough enough to be consistent and in a short period of time, half or more of your family disputes will vanish.  Have core values to back your rules and you will build children of character, and your kids will respect you.

Again, the book is 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, by Rebecca Hagelin. It is published by Regnery Press.


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