Lyrics and liner notes for Music From Heaven.

March 26, 2009

Music on all the time in my office.  Even though I can’t tell what chord is being played or what key a song is in I can usually tell what the music is about.  If  I am totally confused, lyrics and liner notes are  easily found.   Artists are sometimes vague, but most of them have something to say, and they try to not be too obtuse, even when they are stretching their creative muscles.

Lately I’ve been listening to John Mark McMillan.  He sings about despair and hope, sometimes in the same song.  His powerful vocals, great lyrics and terrific music always move me.

Darrell Evans has recently recorded songs of his own personal worship.  They become my personal worship when I hit play.  His music helps me speak to God when I cant find the right words to say.

Tommy Emmanuel plays sometimes joyfully, sometimes contemplatively, and sometimes so fast I can’t even see his hands move.  He is great!  I always smile, tap my foot and sometimes shake my head in wonder when his music is playing.

Going outdoors the music is usually more worshipful, often much quieter, and almost always joyful.  There are no liner notes.  One has to listen carefully sometimes just to hear the tune, let alone contemplate the lyrics.  I thought I could help by providing some liner notes for Music From Heaven.

The rain is singing songs of renewal, refreshment and growth.  It sometimes seems angry, but is really just impatient.  Whether soloing or accompanied by thunder and lightning, the music is always cleansing, and filled with hope of things to come.

Canada Geese have been singing songs of love, family and cooperation.  Whether soaring high overhead on a symphonic journey, or spinning a minute waltz close to home, the graceful giants constantly communicate with each other and their creator, and we get to listen in.

Robins have been singing songs of love, community and joy.  From post top to tree top to house top, the Robins remind us of the wonders of spring.  Where is the food?  Where is the safest tree? Where is the perfect mate?  The Robin knows.

100_0045A Pileated Woodpecker is singing songs of love, determination and perseverance.  Whether cleaning out a dead tree, finding a companion, or merely passing by, this brilliant bird is a welcome sight with a wonderful song.

The Spring Peepers are singing songs of celebration and hope.  While everyone looks into the overflowing drainage ditches and see muddy, murky water, racing road run-off, and the discarded ditreous of a thousand cars, Spring Peepers see a perfect place for starting a family and renewing hope; in the middle of the mud and the mess.

And if you listen carefully the trees are singing a song of life and renewal.  Pinecones pop with expectation, branches bud with anticipation, and crocuses and tulips are tumbling to the surface with Joy.  Listen.  Can you hear it?


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