The answering machine

March 24, 2009

So, how would you feel if you dialed a number and got this response…

ring ring ring.  click…”  Hello you have reached the office of  First Church.  We are not here today because we believe family is the most important thing God has given us to tend,  even for our staff, so no one is allowed to work today.  Do you have a day set aside to be with your family?

If this is an emergency please hang up and dial 911.  OK, so it’s not an emergency but it’s really important…call your small group leader.  You don’t have a small group leader?  You are either new to First Church or you haven’t been paying attention.  So if you really do need to talk to someone call 555-1111.  And if it’s not really important we will hit you with pool noodles!

Have a nice day.

Oh, if you are thinking about breaking in while no one is here, we have an excellent security system and strategically placed motion activated tasers,  have a nice day.”

Okay other than the sarcasm masquerading as humor what did you think?   We could leave a better message on the machine no doubt, but behind the message we would be leaving a very important message, three actually.  1. we value our staff, 2. we value small groups 3. we value family.

In addition we would save 1/7 on our utility bill and about that on housekeeping and maintenance.  It’s a no – loose proposition


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