Deer in the city

March 19, 2009

skyline-drive-shenndoh-05-08-112Diane and I were in the city of Buffalo this afternoon. Getting out of the car we noticed almost a dozen White Tail Deer on the lawn next to the parking lot. It was the edge of the city not the middle, but it was the city non-the-less.

As beautiful as White Tail Deer are – and they are beautiful – they somehow didn’t look right; prancing and dancing with multi- storied buildings  in the background and sonorous city sounds all around. It’s not the prancing, it’s the place. Deer don’t belong in the city. They belong in peaceful woodlands where we are the intruders.

Did you ever notice how some things look natural and normal in one setting, yet odd and out-of-place in another?   A Rembrandt on your refrigerator, mud on a Mercedes, deer in the city.

Some of our non believing friends notice this type of dissonance among believers; not in what we look like, but what we sound like.  If we are trying to follow Jesus our conversation should be filled with hope, joy, grace, peace and forgiveness.  But often what non followers often hear from us is, well you know what it is, I’m not going to use those words on my site.

So I ask myeslf, are my words attractive because I reflect the character and voice of Jesus?  Do my words sound natural or are they as out of place as a deer in the city?


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