Excuse Me!

March 11, 2009

There was a time when I wouldn’t talk about this subject. But I recently read the book Walter The Farting Dog, and it seems there are no subjects that are off limits, so here we go.

When I am alone in the house and I burp, or make some other gastrointestinal sound, I say excuse me. Even when there is no one anywhere near me. Even when there is no one else in the building!

Why do you suppose this is true? Training; early, consistent, persistent training. My mother taught my brothers, sisters and me to be polite. Yes please, no thank you, excuse me. We were not allowed to be impolite with anyone, not even little brothers and sisters. And the training never stopped. Even after I had learned the lessons well, I heard them repeated with four younger siblings. It became automatic. So that, even in an empty room I say “excuse me.” I think that a good thing.

It makes me wonder what other habits we could build into the lives of our children. I wonder if adolescence would have been easier for me if I had known that I could trust God no matter what. Would tough business decisions have been easier if I knew that no matter who was in the room, or even if no one was in the room, I need to make the wise choice. I know that life would simply have been more pleasant if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God love me.

Do you believe that what the Bible says is true is true? Do your children?

Sometimes we want kids to make their own decisions, and I understand that. But we don’t give them a choice when it comes to hygiene, we don’t let them choose whether or not they want to play in the middle of the highway. If you believe that there are moral absolutes that your child needs to know when they are adults, teach them now! Bless them now with holy habits that will be with them the rest of their lives

We can try to keep our children from making embarrassing noises, but sooner or later something will sneak out. How they respond depends upon what they have been taught.

We can hope our children make wise choices. Sooner or latter they will be faced with a decision. How they respond depends upon what they have been taught. My prayer is that they automatically do the right thing.


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