a special gift

February 24, 2009

Earlier today I received a really great gift from a couple of special friends.  Actually it was a two part gift, one they thought about and one they didn’t have too; it came from their nature.   The cool gift was a Yogi Bear, just like I had when I was a small child.  the more important gift these two wonderful friends gave was the gift of listening.    They heard something in what I said or the way I said it, and as a result they hit the net looking for Yogi.

I know I don’t always hear;  I listen but often don’t get much beyond the words going into my head.  After encountering two people who really heard me, I am more determined to listen to people and to hear them.

People are crying and because we don’t see the tears we miss the hurt.  People are lonely but because they are surrounded by others we miss the pain.  I will listen better and with God’s grace  may hear as well as my friends.prayers-on-the-floor-244

The bear will have a special place in my office.  My friends will alway hold a special place in my heart.


One Response to “a special gift”

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