Some things are black and white

February 17, 2009

I was web surfing and came across a really interesting article in The Root.  The author isskyline-drive-shenndoh-05-08-021 Lisa Crooms.

I don’t read this site or this author regularly, but what she said was so important, I needed to share it.

“During our 25-minute ride across town to his school, we found ourselves listening to “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” crew lamenting about Chris Brown and Rihanna. “Mommy, what happened to Chris Brown?” Joel asked. I shushed him so we could both hear the story. Chris Brown was in police custody because of a domestic dispute involving an unidentified woman everyone assumed was his boo, Rihanna.

I turned down the volume on the radio and asked, “So Joel, is there a problem with the story you just heard?” “Yes,” he said. “Boys should never hit girls.” He learned that lesson more than six years earlier when we were living in Jamaica, and I picked him up from day care to find that he had been in a fight with a little girl who hit him. His internal sense of justice was offended because I didn’t care to hear his side of the story. Hitting a girl was unacceptable, I told him, even if she hit him first. I took away his television privileges. I made him apologize to her. He never hit a girl again. “

There are gray ares in life, but some things are simply black or white.  Some things you do, some you don’t.  It really is that simple sometimes.  For example.

1.  Don’t hit girls.  When virtually everyone in popular media things chick fights are cool and men and women fighting each other is edgy can we please get back to the truth.  Hitting a girl (or woman) is cowardly.

2.  What we teach our kids lasts a long long time.  This child remembered the lesson from six years ago!  It doesn’t take much effort on our part to impart lasting lessons with our children.

So what do you want to teach your kids.  What’s stopping you?


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