I was so busy paying attention to God I missed the service.

February 11, 2009

“The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of.  Our attention would have been on God.” (C.S.Lewis, Quoted from the book It, by Craig Groeschel)

I haven’t been to a service like that in a long time, and it’s not the fault of my church, it’s my fault.  I get  easily distracted by the guitar players or images on the screen, or just about anything else.

As a kid I had to sit on the front row at school or I missed half of what was taught, but this is somehow different.  I can close my eyes in church and not get in trouble, but I choose to watch the guitar player, I choose to look for spelling errors.

At work, my Bible sits in a spot where I can see it and turn to it at any moment.  I don’t have to find it or uncover it, I just need to swivel in my chair.  And yet…

God is the most accessible power in the universe.  All we have to do is think God.  Even if we only thought G and didn’t even get out the whole one syllable, three letter word, He would be available.  That quickly.  And yet…

Lord, help me not be distracted today, this morning, this moment.  Help me be aware of your presence constantly.


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